Things to do in Exeter

Two Events: this Saturday, next Saturday

Two upcoming events for the next two Saturdays: Really Really Free Market Occupy Exeter – Cathedral Green Saturday 31st December 2011 2pm to 5pm

Unwanted presents? Old books to get rid of? CDs, clothes, jewellery, stuff? Bring it down to the Occupation on New Year’s Eve, and somebody else can make use of it. Tell all your friends. Simple!

Do Little Club Meeting – 7th Jan 2012 Occupy Exeter – Cathedral Green Saturday 7th January 2012 10am to 12 noon One way towards a moneyless world is to descale our impact on the world by living a simpler lifestyle. … To start the process of removing from our lives those things that we don’t really need. For most of us this is not easy. This is why a club – providing mutual support and creative discussion – might be a fruitful way forward.

Hope you can come along to these events.

From: Maurice Maurice Spurway 07801 136937