Ash tree threat

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Ash tree threat
16 November 2012
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Our woodlands are facing perhaps their biggest threat since Dutch Elm disease.

Thanks to the Government’s dithering over ash dieback, the disease has taken hold and the costs of dealing with it are mounting.

But we can all do something to help.

Experts desperately need to build a better picture of where the disease has spread. So they’ve created the Ashtag website and app to help us all identify and record sightings.

Help Britain’s woodlands – find out how to use Ashtag

I’m leaving the concrete jungle of south London for rural Cambridgeshire this weekend, so I’ve already packed my camera in case I see any evidence of ash dieback. I just hope I don’t need to use it – and that the trees I see on Saturday are still there in five years’ time.

Good luck,
Ollie Hayes, Friends of the Earth


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