Next Meeting

The next SHFoE meeting is Tuesday 26th March, 7.30pm at Stephen’s House. Contact Stephen (Totnes 862123) for directions.


1.Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising (not already on the agenda);
2,Recycling – report of the action;
3.Motions to FoE conference;
4 Incineration update;
5 the Bee Cause – what we’re going to do with the campaign this year.
6. AOB

Toxic Waste Dumping in Buckfastleigh?

How will a toxic dump affect Totnes?
There are plans to site an Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) plant between Buckfastleigh and Totnes close to the River Dart.
The plans include a proposed discharge licence into a tributary of the River Dart and up to 400 lorry movements per day.
It could have a major impact on the local environment, the tourist trade and quality of life.
Find out what this proposal will mean to our area.
Public Meeting
Civic Hall, Totnes
Thurs 29th March – 19.45pm
Chaired by the Mayor of Totnes, Judy Westacott MBE
For more information see

Next Meeting

There will be a SHFoE meeting on Wednesday 29th February, 7.30pm at Stephen’s House – Paradise Cottage, 30 South St., Totnes.

SHFoE Agenda 29th February 2012

1. Website

2. MVVIncinerator

3. NEQ Incinerator

4. Whitecleaves Quarry  IBA dump

5. Fundraising

6. AGM

7. AOB/Date of Next Meeting


Ring Stephen for more info: 01803 862123