FoE community rights resource pack

To  certain extent the Localism Bill and the New Planning Framework will make much of this information out of date, but it’s still worth looking at.

This pack is to help local people and communities get their voice heard in decisions which affect them. It covers the three most important areas where people have rights in environmental decision-making:
• your right to know
• your right to participate
• your right to challenge
The guides below are designed to be ‘stand alone’ so you can pick and mix what is most relevant to you. Some of the detail is quite complicated, but don’t be put off. Just remember that local knowledge is often as important, if not more important, than expert and professional opinion.
The pack has a final section containing a glossary for commonly used terms, and also a referral directory to point you in the direction of other contacts and organisations that could help.

1. YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW: Right To Know Handbook

1.1 Accessing Environmental Information
1.2 Accessing Other Information
1.3 Your Other Rights to Know
1.4 Using the System
1.5 Useful Tools

2. YOUR RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: Sustainable Community Strategies

3. YOUR RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: The Development Plan System

3.1 The English Planning System

3.2 Local Development Schemes

3.3 Statements of Community Involvement

3.4 Local Development Frameworks

3.5 Waste Development Frameworks

3.6 Climate Change, National Planning Policy & Local Development. Frameworks

3.7 Tackling Climate Change Through The Planning Ststem

4. YOUR RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: The Development Control System

4.1 Planning Applications: a campaigner’s guide

4.2 Environmental Impact Assessment

4.3 Public Enquiries


5.1 Judicial Review

5.2 Statutory Nuisance

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