Help Hedgehogs

On the face of it helping hedgehogs doesn’t seem necessarily high on the Friends of the Earth Agenda, but every little helps, and sometimes it’s nice to have a campaign that’s straightforward. Read on.


Hedgehog Campaign

People’s Trust for Endangered Species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society have joined forces to carry out a three year project to conserve hedgehogs. Together we are funding research into how hedgehogs move about the countryside and what features of farmland they like best. This will help us provide guidance to farmers about how best to manage their land for hedgehogs. We are also funding work on a new novel method of detecting hedgehog presence. This will allow volunteers to help us monitor them across the UK and will also provide a way of knowing whether hedgehogs are present on a particular site.

Hedgehog Street, is asking people to become Hedgehog Champions to rally support from their neighbours and work together to create ideal hedgehog habitat throughout their street, estate or communal grounds.

Hibernation Survey

A study was conducted 40 years ago which suggested a link between climate and when hedgehogs come out of hibernation.We are now repeating the study to see if climate change has affected hedgehog hibernation patterns.

We therefore need your help to collect hedgehog records from 1st February until 31st August 2012.

Simply tell us every time you see a hedgehog, noting its location and whether it is alive or dead. Please don’t forget to stay on the look out until the end of August when all hedgehogs should be awake.

To enter sightings you will need a username and password.

Once you have signed up you can record a sighting at any time by clicking on “ENTER YOUR RECORD”. Read more by following the link.