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Incineration is a means whereby bulk waste can be broken down and dispersed into the environment. This dispersal happens through air, water and ash emissions. Incineration is a convenient way for our society to mask today’s waste problems and pass them onto future generations and we are all guilty because we buy too much stuff which is over-packaged.

In spite of what Devon County Council tells us, incineration is not an alternative to landfill.

The incinerator ashes, which are contaminated with heavy metals, unburned chemicals and new chemicals formed during the burning process, are then buried in landfill or dumped in the environment. Therefore, instead of making waste disappear, incinerators create even more toxic waste that poses a significant threat to public health and the environment.

South Hams FoE was involved in the successful campaign to stop an incinerator being built at New England Quarry near Ivybridge in South Devon, but failed to prevent the incinerator in Devonport, Plymouth being granted planning permission.

The campaign to try to prevent MVV, the German company building the Plymouth incinerator,  from dumping its toxic Incinerator Bottom Ash from in Whitecleeves Buckfastleigh was successful. More information here

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