Plymouth, Devonport Incinerator.

The decision to build an incinerator in Devonport, Plymouth was so deeply flawed that it defies credibility. Money and power had a hand in it. The fight to ensure that it is “safe” continues, but it’s an uphill struggle.


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There is a report reachable via  “Plymouth Incinerator Approval information”  which gives more detail.

Brief Background:

The Incinerator in Plymouth is the preferred option for treating domestic waste of the South West Devon Waste Partnership (SWDWP) which means it’s very difficult to contest the decision to build this incinerator. The waste partnership covers Torbay, Plymouth, South Hams and West Devon District Councils. It went though a complicated process in order to decide who the preferred bidder should be for the lucrative contract to dispose of Devon’s waste, but it precluded any bids which did not include a thermal element for waste disposal. It also didn’t consult widely enough, but these arguments are probably not good enough to make Councillors reject the incinerator decision.

However, the proposed incinerator in Devonport is not on a site allocated in the Plymouth Waste Developement Plan Document, which is a reasonably strong legal argument. The moral arguments for all incinerators are very strong, but don’t carry as much weight.

More information about this campaign can be found on the Incineration Is Wrong website

The South Hams Friends of the Earth response to the planning application is here MVV1 and the response to additional information is here MVV Additional infor response w

Information about Whitecleave Quarry IBA processing plant  from MVV can be found here:

It is a link to MVV Environment’s website

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  1. Members of Buck the trend Buckfastleigh have started an Avaaz community petition against the building of the incinerator at Devonport and the proposed dumping of waste in Buckfastleigh – please sign it here:

    Find out more about why we think incineration is the wrong way to go, look here:
    To find out about the campaign to stop the Devenport incinerator:
    …and for more information about the campaign to stop the dumping of waste product in Buckfastleigh, look here:

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