The AGM will be on Tuesday October 23rd, 7.30pm at the Methodist Church Fore St., Totnes.

Phil Chandler will be talking about bees…

Phil took up beekeeping 12 years ago, having learned from his work in the anti-GM campaign how important bees are to the natural world and to agriculture. He started with conventional equipment, but soon began experimenting with less intrusive methods. In 2007, he wrote The Barefoot Beekeeper, which set out the principles of what became known as ‘natural beekeeping’ and helped to start a worldwide movement, establishing the ‘top bar hive’ as a viable alternative. He founded the charity Friends of the Bees and has campaigned for years against the use of pesticides – especially the neonicotinoids – recently launching the ‘Bee-Friendly Zone’ campaign to encourage pesticide-free gardening for the benefit of all pollinators. He lives in Totnes and teaches internationally.